It is time to "Authenticate" Leaders and Leadership

Dear Leader

Far too many signs denote that the time has come to “Authenticate” leaders in all sectors of society.

The world desperately needs leaders who…

  1. Are in their leadership positions for the right reasons?
  2. Are sincerely hungry for – not intimidated by – live, real-time feedback on their leadership, to consistently improve?
  3. Feel fully accountable to them self, others, their organisation and society for becoming a better leader every day?

Our recent poll suggests that there should be a platform where all leaders – at any time – can be evaluated/assessed anonymously on how they lead self, others, organisation and society, after which the outcome (a mean score) is publicly displayed to the same audiences – self, others, organisation & society.

Votes for such a platform were overwhelmingly yes:

LinkedIn: 74%

Twitter: 88%

We have built this functionality inside our ecosystem and believe leaders who participate will be fully “Authenticated” as they clearly demonstrate at least the three statements (standards) mentioned above.

We invite you to join for the “Authentication” process. In other words, choose to be assessed real-time, live by those you lead and work with, while displaying your live mean score permanently on a Leader Board inside the freely accessible ecosystem, by organisation, leadership level, sector and country.

Irrespective of your live mean score, your willingness to participate will show your authentic desire to be an ever improving, growing leader. And who doesn’t want to be led by such a person? We all do. But, are we ourselves striving to become such a courageous, transparent and authentic leader? Are you?

If you agree and have joined we will be honoured to engage on the next steps.

We will at times invite leaders publicly and report the same, on social media, mostly Twitter and LinkedIn. In short, the entire authentication process is going to be as transparent as possible, because this impacts everyone.

To radically lift the collective standard of leadership worldwide we have to do something significantly different and courageous. We have to elevate Authentic Leaders out of the morass of unauthentic, sometimes toxic, damaging bunch that are in it for themselves – for the sake of their people, organisation and society.

Please join us on a worldwide quest to authenticate leaders; to lift the collective standard of this most noble profession.

Look forward to your response.