Generational Performance

Every leader wants their organisation set up for generational performance – a culture of performance from them to the next leader, to the next…? It’s also called legacy.
Here’s how we now do it, starting with two powerful quotes, but don’t jump to conclusions too soon:
  1. “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.” Thomas S. Monson
  2. “Great leaders create more leaders…” (original Author unknown). It should be “…more great leaders”.
First, on quote one…
Implement an Ecosystem with real-time assessments and feedback (measurement and reporting) running live on three levels:
  1. Collective: Employees give qualitative and quantitative real-time feedback on the collective leadership standard in the organisation – results seen real-time – click of a button.
  2. Individual: Individual leaders are assessed real-time – qualitatively and quantitatively – on their leadership by those who work with, for or alongside them – results seen real-time.
  3. Process: Key individuals assess the leadership development process that impacts the former two outcomes – results real-time.
Hence the key “component” needed to carry generational performance forward – namely leadership – is measured and reported on real-time by everyone in the organisation, because continuous leadership improvement for generational performance has to be a collective and visible effort.
Now, quote two…
The ecosystem leverages all that invaluable individual and collective real-time feedback (reporting) towards “creating more ‘great’ leaders” through:
  1. Real-time Continuous development – becoming a way of life
  2. Pin-point targeting of where a leader should focus their development, real-time
  3. Personal responsibility yet Collective accountability
  4. Some gamification – points & badges for improvement activities
  5. And much more… 
Welcome to an ever evolving Continuous Leadership Development (CLD) Ecosystem that creates an authentic culture of:
  • real-time measurement & reporting on leadership standards – feedback results visible
  • Continuously improving leadership standards – collectively and individually
  • ensuring performance for generations to come