All leaders should be evaluated real-time & outcomes made public. This is why…

We need to do what’s necessary – no matter how bold – to ensure consistent quality, authentic leadership becomes the standard in our governments, businesses, educational institutions…everywhere. The time we live and lead in requires this of us. It is our duty and responsibility towards future generations to step up to the plate and hand over the leadership baton in a healthier and more responsible way. The very profession or role of leadership is what will ensure we, our people, our organisations and our broader society survive and hopefully thrive in these unprecedented times. Treat leadership and how we grow authentic leaders as we have been doing and the future will be miserable, extremely bleak, uncontrollable chaos. It sounds pessimistic or negative. But is it really? Someone has to say it and it might as well be us who view ourselves as activists.

But in our defense, we are not comfortable with being critical spectators on the sideline, shouting hopelessly at the players or situation on the field, yet making no difference at all. We are on the field, with the players – as players ourselves – offering a real and practical solution.

We think all leaders should have a “Real-Time Feedback Score” or rating that reflects right now how they lead self, others (people), organisation (the “not people” part) and society (outside work environment). In other words, it must be possible for those they lead and work closely with to assess them at any time, not just once a year or every couple of years. Their mean score should be on public display on a Leaderboard inside their organisation and even visible outside, listed by leadership level, sector (industry) and country. It should even be in their Linkedin profile, or wherever they display their credentials.

Imagine what this means? They will be accountable to them self, their people, their organisation and broader society to become more authentic and continuously improve their #leadership. We can’t be keen to assess a leader on these four mission critical, universally applicable, relevant, interdependent levels but not equally keen to display their results on those same levels.

The assessment should prompt comments, explaining why a participant rates the leader high, low or average, so that the leader can practically work on improving their abilities. Drop below a certain level (mean) – determined by the organisation where the individual leads – and the leader should step down or be offered a grace period to get back up asap – or at the very least a deep dive should follow, a closer inspection on what’s really happening. Ambitious, we know. But why not?

Our offered solution actually exists in the form of ThinkLead Ecosystem. Inside this ever evolving ecosystem we just developed a functionality for Leaders to be given real-time feedback – to be assessed – on how they lead self, others, organisation and society. Participants are prompted to add practical comments. The leader can access their ratings and feedback inside their Personal Leadership Fitness Plan, the very place where they manage their personal development in a customised, consistent and aligned – to their organisations culture – way. Their mean score appears on a leader board behind their name that is listed according to organisation, leadership level, industry, country and points earned. At a glance one can see not only their real-time points awarded according to how actively they participate and develop inside the ecosystem – with a Portfolio of Evidence to prove it – but also their Real-Time Feedback Mean Score. In other words, how does their authentic Continuous Leadership Development (CLD) participation (points earned) reflect authentically in real life (feedback mean score)?

We would love to demonstrate the platform to you. Or, if you have seen it, demonstrate the new feedback functionality and other additions.

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