Shifting Lanes

If you are good at what you do, as an accountant, engineer, teacher or whatever, you invariably shift lanes somewhere in your career.
What is this shift in lanes? Perhaps you moved into this new lane a long time ago? It’s when you are promoted to a leadership position and your career moves from a technical, functional responsibility to getting technical, functional things done through others and by uniting individuals into a cohesive team or teams. Now you are a formal leader. I say formal because one doesn’t need a title to lead and influence. However, a formal leadership responsibility means you become accountable to someone for something to happen through others. Hence the responsibility to make sure you improve as a leader rather than a technical expert also increases.
Soon enough you discover that much is different in this lane. And if you don’t learn to confidently drive faster and more efficiently you may be tempted or compelled to go back to the slower lane.
Please try to remember what was required of you to become technically competent – years of formal and informal training on and off the job?
Now you lead. It requires at least the same input and effort to lead confidently as it took to become technically confident. Let no one tell you otherwise. It requires more than one course or two books or an article now and then.
Your organisation cannot afford to invest the same time, effort and money to ensure your leadership competency as you (formal studies) and they (practical opportunities) did your technical competency. They may send you on a course or two. But that’s not adequate!
And that’s why exists – it’s an ecosystem that helps you to thrive in this new lane or career called leadership.
It will assist you to earn – through Continuous Leadership Development – your “10 000 hours” required to become a successful and confident leader, resulting in “earning” new leadership responsibilities and much more.
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