Dear Leader

We have two questions for you:

1. As a leader, would you personally be interested in joining a Virtual Leadership-Fitness Club, like you would a fitness or health club (gym)?

The Club works on a reward system based on points that indicate your leadership fitness level, influence inside the Club and Mentor Privileges.

Therefore the Club:

  • Rewards substantially your participation in online leadership courses that teach the latest leadership skills, where you can participate in as many courses as you want, with certificates;
  • Rewards your participation in club, group and global leadership forums;
  • Rewards generously active utilisation of your Personal Leadership Fitness plan with personal reminders;
  • Rewards active consumption of a growing leadership library of articles, videos and podcasts;
  • Rewards generously your mentoring of up and coming leaders, and of course you too can be mentored;
  • Reward leaders that recognise Authentic Leadership in other leaders;
  • Rewards considerably regular accounting and reporting of successful movement you create, outside the Club;
  • Rewards the keeping of your portfolio of evidence – or unique journal – on personal growth and successes as a leader;
  • Rewards generously when you subject yourself to a 360 degree leadership fitness assessment and work on your development areas;
  • Will – as you reach a certain Leadership Fitness Level – showcase you to the world, by country and industry. The world must know where to find, appoint, promote, recognise, reward, appreciate and put to work truly authentic leadership fit individuals.
  • Because of how the platform functions, it develops and/or strengthens at least the following attributes/skills:
    • Accountability
    • Integrity
    • Discipline
    • Self-Awareness through Self Reflection
    • Hard Work ethic
    • Desire to give back
    • Mentoring skills
    • Leadership Knowledge
    • Humility (accepting feedback)
    • Courage to be your Best Self (Authenticity)
    • Movement skills for performance
    • Confidence to give credit
    • Perspective and wisdom
    • Personal change skills
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • High Performance Skills
    • Situational Leadership Skills
    • The skills your organisation wants you to develop as a leader
    • And more…

2. Are you willing to invest in yourself through participation in such a platform, experience and opportunity?

The good news is, you can join ThinkLead Ecosystem for free here. Then, only when you feel you are ready for the above journey that will require emotional, physical, time and financial commitment and sacrifice, join the exclusive Executive Club. Please understand, Executive Club is not for everyone. It is for individuals who:

  • Feel they do or can stand out and it is their destiny to lead and make a difference in the world;
  • Are willing to put up their hand, step forward and lead;
  • Are willing to work hard and claim their space to be heard; claim their points that they have earned;
  • Will be disciplined and committed to an amazing Leadership Fitness journey;
  • Won’t mind us promoting their Leadership Fitness Status to the world, when they are ready;
  • Are hungry to learn, grow and to help others do the same;
  • Realise the world – future generations – depend on the quality of our leadership today and we aren’t in a good state. Therefore, that “someone” that must do something to change things…is “ME”.

Look forward to meeting you on ThinkLead Ecosystem.