Governing Principles You Agree To:

  1. When you appear on the points radar: Your leadership fitness points system kicks in as soon as you become an Executive Club Member, which is where you appear on that Leader Board, which adds to the overall Leadership Fitness Board.
  2. Fitness points must increase steadily: No matter what level you are at, your points have to continue growing steadily. This is the principle: Just as one can become physically unfit by stopping that exercise program, so one can become leadership unfit by stopping ones leadership fitness exercises. Therefore, for every month that your points remain static we have the right to drop your total by 10%. Your points must grow by at least 10% every year, in a consistent fashion and not by an intensified short period before annual renewal – that’s like belonging to a gym and exercising flat out for three weeks shortly before renewal. Hence the 10% drop if your points remain static for longer than a month.
  3. Agree to human intervention: Accept that there is some level of subjectivity involved here. This is not like other platforms where robots run the system. We will allocate some points automatically while others require some human wisdom and thinking – this is minimal though. This platform is filled with human beings striving to become better leaders and changing the world for the better. Mistakes can and will be made. However, you have our commitment that we will strive towards zero defect. Ultimately it isn’t about points but about improving leaders individually, organisationally and on a societal level. We are in a partnership with you for your personal growth.
  4. Ultimately we want movement: Of paramount importance in leadership – to yourself, others, your organisation, family and society – is that you create positive movement wherever you go. It doesn’t help to sit inside this remarkable ecosystem raking up the points, yet out there you are doing nothing to create positive movement. For us, real Leadership Fitness is consistently creating positive movement as your Best Self. Hence, we award significant points for the movement you create out there, for actively working on your Best Self (PLFP) and for the recognition you give to someone else that was their Best Self or created positive movement.
  5. Accountability: We offer this ecosystem and commit to continue improving it. You participate in the fitness activities and take some responsibility for earning and requesting your points. It means, while some points will accumulate automatically, others you have to submit a report – in whichever way you choose – of the points you have earned. As you do this you by default benefit in at least two ways:
    • If you put effort into it, you start compiling a journal of all your leadership contributions; your Leadership Fitness journey. This makes you more self-aware and conscious about the value you add and the progress you are making as a human being and leader. Recording improves understanding and “remembering” – read more here.
    • You compile a leadership profile that could become very handy for when any career advancing opportunities come your way.
  6. Points system: The points system and methods of acquiring points will be subject to change as we receive feedback from the members of our Club and as we programme more intelligence into the system.
  7. Discretionary points: In line with point 3 above, we may offer discretionary points for the following reasons:
    • If a member posts a message to initiate leadership conversation and that becomes a most popular and trending post, we could add 50 points as a reward. If members believe their post deserves these points they may motivate for it in their journal report.
    • If a member consistently appears in the top ten active members inside our analytics we could add 80 points as a reward. Members cannot claim these points as the top 10 active members aren’t visible to them.
    • If a member – in a given month – appears inside the top three leaders on the Leader Board inside Executive Club – where certificate courses are – we could add 100 points as a reward. A member must claim these points through their report.
    • Members that are clearly drawing followers in a given month or quarter because of the interest in their quality contributions also qualifies to request discretionary points in their report. We may add 50 points.
  8. #AuthenticLeader appointments on Club, Global and Honorary Contributor levels: We withhold the right to award someone #AuthenticLeader status on Club, Global or Honorary Contributor level, without having to go through the process of generating points. Although, after they have been awarded this status they need to continue growing, which means their points will also increase. We all have to remain Leadership Fit; no one is exempt. We realise this may seem unfair to some. However, there are clearly leaders that have earned this through exceptional leadership out there. These are leaders that all of us could benefit from if they are active inside ThinkLead Ecosystem.