What "transforming leadership development" doesn’t mean:

  1. No content prescription
    That we prescribe what content leaders need to absorb. The system allows for leaders to embrace content and activities inside and outside the Leadership Ecosystem.
  2. No professional body…yet
    It does not yet mean all leaders should belong to a professional body. Although our Ecosystem with the annual report is becoming exactly that.
  3. No one way of leading
    It does not mean we are standardising one way of leading.
  4. No one definition of leadership
    It does not mean we want to enforce one definition of leadership.
  5. No professionalisation, no leading
    It does not YET mean if you aren’t declared professional you shouldn’t lead. However, for the good of society and the collective reputation of leadership, we should eventually get to this point.

The process and system is called ThinkLead Ecosystem: A leadership ecosystem that helps leaders think and lead on a whole new level. It’s a Virtual Leadership Fitness Club that does all the above and more.


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  • Then ensure leaders become professional and consistently leadership fit.
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Leadership Development Practitioners:

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