What "fixing leadership development" means:

  1. Continuous Leadership Development (CLD)
    A process and platform for leaders to become and remain CONSISTENTLY competent and effective as leaders – Continuous Leadership Development (CLD), the equivalent of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for professionals like Engineers, Accountants, etc, except, a higher standard is expected. We call it Leadership Fitness.
  2. Functional Experts becoming Leadership Fit
    A process of ensuring functional experts that are promoted to leadership positions also become and remain competent and effective at their “new” and more influential profession, called leadership.
  3. Consistent participation in “fitness” activities
    A process for leaders to consistently participate in ACTIVITIES that make them competent and the best they can be – it’s like participating in various fitness activities inside a gym to become physically fit.
  4. CLD Points for recording activities
    A process where leaders track and record their fitness activities and are rewarded with CLD points for participating in it. So it’s not about the content as much as it is about the activities, like: Leadership courses; being coached; being mentored; observing and learning from leaders in close proximity; attending webcasts; reading books and articles; watching videos; receiving and working on quality feedback; listening to podcasts; creating successful movement; participating in discussion forums; and so on.
  5. CLD Points for recording learnings
    A process that allows and rewards leaders for recording – inside their Portfolio of Evidence – all their learnings or take aways from the fitness activities, which can be printed out and shared.
  6. CLD Points for adopting learnings
    A process that allows and rewards leaders for adopting their learnings into their daily habits and leadership. So a system that rewards actual implementation and change.
  7. Customised development
    A process that allows for customised personal growth and respects the principle that every leader is different, unique and complex – Leadership is not necessarily a uniform construct.
  8. CLD Points for recording successful movement
    A process that allows and rewards leaders for observing and regularly recording their successful movement of self, others and organisation. Therefore the professionalisation journey results in actual leadership success in the real world.
  9. Visible measurement
    A process that shows visibly how leaders become more leadership competent and fit on a leadership fitness scale of six levels. They accumulate a certain number of points in a given year to be declared “professional” – Competent or Leadership Fit. The required minimal amount of points allow them to progress up a Leadership Fitness Scale.
  10. Global Leaderboard
    A process of showcasing (registering) all Executive Club Members by country, sector, leadership level (senior to junior) and points earned from CLD activities.
  11. Real-time feedback
    A simple process where those a leader leads and works with can give feedback at the click of a button. The leader receives feedback real-time inside their Personal Leadership Fitness Plan and can then customise their development accordingly.

The process and system is called ThinkLead Ecosystem: A leadership ecosystem that helps leaders think and lead on a whole new level. It’s a Virtual Leadership Fitness Club that does all the above and more.


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