Designated Points per Activity:

There are 20 leadership fitness activities for which you can earn points – these are all components of growing self, sharing and developing others.

1. Completing a section inside a course - 10 Points
2. Completing a full program with certificate - 500-1500 Points
500 - 1500 POINTS
3. Attending a webinar - 10 Points
4. Initiating leadership conversation by posting a thought - 10 Points
5. Initiating leadership conversation by posting more food for thought with someone else’s article, podcast or video attached - 15 Points
6. Initiating leadership conversation by posting more food for thought with your own article, podcast or video attached - 20 Points
7. Reading an article, watching a video or listening to a podcast - 10 Points *
8. Clearly recognising in your post - an authentic leader you know personally - for being their Best Self or creating positive movement - how and why? - 60 Points
9. Clearly recognising in your post - any authentic leader - for being their Best Self or creating positive movement - how and why? - 30 Points
10. Actively utilising your Leadership Fitness Plan - 100 Points **
100 POINTS**
11. When you feel ready, subjecting yourself to a 360 degree Leadership Fitness Assessment - 80 Points ***
80 POINTS***
12. Posting your own article, video or podcast as a Club Contributor - 30 Points
13. Posting your own article, video or podcast as a Global Contributor - 60 Points
14. Sharing how you are leading; what positive movement you are creating; the difference you are making - 100 Points ****
100 POINTS****
15. Acting as a Mentor - 50 Points *****
16. Signing off on a mentee report - 50 Points
17. Add a Leadership Course to Exec Club - 1000 Points ******
1000 POINTS******
18. Submitting your reports (Ask for a template report) - 50 Points *******
50 POINTS*******
19. Referring someone to ThinkLead Ecosystem - 100 Points *******
100 POINTS********
20. Discretionary points


For every article read or video watched or podcast listened to a leader receives 10 points. However, only on those for which they share brief learnings inside their report. Of course the learnings need to be more than just rehashing the heading of the article, video or podcast.


Actively utilising their Leadership Fitness Plan. Submitting a printed and scanned copy of their plan as proof, which could be reviewed confidentially by an online Leadership Fitness Mentor. Ultimately they need to set goals, actions, make commitments to personal positive change towards their Best Self. Leaders that belong to their organisations Virtual Leadership Fitness Club will see defined competencies/attributes/values inside their plan. This means every action or commitment they make moves them closer towards the leadership fitness required of their immediate environment. Their immediate leader may also review and sign off on their submitted plan. Every time they submit their report with their PLFP attached there has to be visible progress. 


When leaders feel ready, subject themself to a 360 degree Leadership Fitness Assessment. We could recommend an assessment or they may use the assessment currently provided by their organisation. Ultimately what also matters is how those they lead perceive and experience them on a daily basis. Subjecting themself to feedback is crucial on that journey towards Authentic Leadership Fitness. They will complete an exercise on outcomes from their assessment. Of course when they have completed it once they can’t claim points again, except if they indicate clearly how they are working differently on areas of improvement. Current company leadership assessments may also be utilised here.


Sharing confidentially with us – in their reports – how they are leading; what positive movement they are creating; the difference they are making. Positive Movement must become second nature to leaders. They may attach any documents that illustrate their movement (performance). And, every time they submit a report , different or improved movement must be indicated, with timelines.


Acting in the capacity of Mentor. For every mentoring session – person they mentor – they receive 50 points. This must however be mentioned inside their report – who they mentored, when and where. A brief summary of what it entailed would help, without divulging confidential matters. As a mentor they also have the important responsibility of signing off on their mentee reports, for which they receive 50 points every time they do this. They need to be happy with the accuracy and integrity of these reports as ultimately the leaders ThinkLead produces will set the standard to the world and influence the reputation of their Ecosystem. As a Mentor they become a Standard Bearer or Guardian of the kind of leaders our Ecosystem sends into the world.


Adding a quality Leadership Course or Program to Executive Club is an important activity and shows that a leader has given extensive thought and effort to the subject matter of leadership. We reward such leaders with many points for adding value to ThinkLead Ecosystem. This activity is discussed with ThinkLead directly as it is immensely important and needs guidance.


Demonstrating accountability by submitting a monthly or quarterly journal report first to their Mentor for signing off and then to ThinkLead. In it they summarise their above activities in order to claim their points and for their total on a Leadership Fitness Board to be updated.

See point 5 under “Governing Principles” CLICK HERE.

Points 1-3 above will already be inside a report that they can copy, available inside the Learning Platform of Executive Club. They need to submit this overall report before their points are updated and for doing so we reward them with extra points. Leaders need to ask for a template report that guides and simplifies the process.


Refer another leader to ThinkLead Ecosystem and receive 100 points, after they reach Level 1 on the hierarchy of Leadership Fitness. The reasoning is that they should be encouraged and inspired to become part of the Executive Club and moving successfully towards their Best Self. By the time they reach Level 1 they are clearly on their all-important Leadership Fitness journey.