Leadership Advancement Levels:

Six levels of Leadership Fitness Status – Growing Self:

The full experience of ThinkLead, which includes Executive Club, is powerful, active and challenging. It will stretch leaders and change their lives by assisting them to become and remain Leadership Fit. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it, just like becoming physically fit and healthy isn’t easy, yet worth it.

Four levels of Functional Influence – Sharing:

One cannot become truly Leadership Fit if one isn’t willing to share ones experiences and wisdom. Doing so authentically contributes to one’s own development and that of others.

Four levels of Mentor Privileges – Developing others:

Inside this Ecosystem we rise towards our Leadership Potential, then reach “down” to pull others up with us, because we know one of the highest privileges and responsibilities of leadership is to create other Leadership Fit Leaders. We also know the one that does the lifting benefits as much as the person being lifted – the teacher often learns more than the student.

The highest level of Leadership Fitness achievement is therefore a Level 6 Honorary Contributor and Level 4 Mentor.

The points leaders earn are an indication of their Leadership Fitness level and will determine their Functional Influence and Mentoring Privilege.

ThinkLead Ecosystem Report

  • Highest level of Leadership Fitness achievement is therefore a Level 6, Honorary Contributor and Level 4 Mentor
  • Points indicate your Leadership Fitness level and determine your Functional Influence and Mentoring Privilege
  • Leadership Fitness Status places you inside the Global Leader Board and Annual Report
  • You keep your “Professional Leader” and Fitness Status active by moving one level up every year – that’s how you remain inside the Report & on the Leader Board